Our Holdings

2b Real Estate Long Term

Lease of houses or apartments with contracts over 12 months.

2b Real Estate Short Term

Short-term lease os apartments and houses.

2b Commercial

Lease of buildings, commercial rooms and malls.

2b Industrial

Lease of land or factories.


On its profitability


Profits generated from rental activity remain in your equitable share of the fund, giving you the flexibility you need to invest safely and consciously.


How it works

How can your money work for you?

  • You contribute to the private equity fund of your choice.

    Once you contribute to one of our private equity funds, you can track the value of your units and see your account details in our platform.

  • Expert real estate professionals at your fingertips.

    Our team of real estate specialists work hard to find and strategically invest in the right properties. By considering numerous factors such as market outlook, return on equity, property specifics, and profitability, we do all the work and you earn the rewards.

  • Profitability and ROI

    The profits from rent and capital dispositions is all yours. You can cash out at any time or let your investment accrue value and reinvest. Safely and confidently make your decisions with our platform.


A 2bTrust

About Us


We are a private equity fund with holdings in the American real estate market whose returns are ready to be shared with you.


To forge strong bonds with our investors through trust.


To create a world where profitability is accessible by all.


Responsibility, ethics and transparency with respect to our investors.